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Understanding the Importance of Buyer Personas in Market Research

Buyer personas are a vital tool for firms looking to successfully understand and target their customers and play a key part in market research....
9 min read

Augmented reality in market research: A guide

A thorough grasp of consumers and their constantly shifting tastes is necessary to stay ahead of the competition in today’s quickly changing business environment....
6 min read

Virtual reality in market research: A guide

Virtual reality (VR) technology has the potential to transform how firms perform market research. Market research seeks to comprehend consumer preferences, behaviour, and trends...
4 min read

CX Case Study: Brands that cracked market research

The success of any brand is greatly influenced by market research. Here are some of the top brands that cracked the magic of market...
6 min read

Roadblocks to adopting generative AI

To utilize generative AI in market research and get deeper insights and make data-driven decisions, certain obstacles must be removed.
6 min read

Can generative AI promote a human-centered approach?

Generative AI can be a potent tool for supporting human decision-making, enhancements and automation. But can it replace humans?
4 min read

Generative research: A complete guide to running a successful study

Generative research plays a pivotal role in various aspects of the product development process. Let’s explore why!
6 min read

How to formulate research problems?

Learn the procedure involved in defining research problems, highlighting important considerations and steps researchers should take.
4 min read

User journey vs. user flow: Understanding the differences and similarities

Understanding user journey and user flow is crucial, just as thorough user research is essential in developing a strong UX strategy.
8 min read

Conducting market research: Setting up the KPIs

Market research is considered the basic backbone and one of the essential verticals for any brand to dive into before launching any new product/...
3 min read

How Blockchain Technology is Reshaping Market Research Sector

Meta description – Blockchain technology is gaining wide popularity and is benefiting the market research industry in many ways. Let’s find out how! Focus...
3 min read

Everything you need to know about Market Sizing, its Approaches and Techniques

Techniques of Market Sizing Many businesses are familiar with the concept of market sizing but not all are capable to incorporate it. When we...
3 min read