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What is market analysis and how to conduct a market analysis?

If you aren’t aware of who your target customers are, what they want from you, and how they want it, you as a business...
4 min read

Everything you need to know when conducting a marketing analysis

Whatever the size of your business and market, conducting a marketing analysis at regular intervals should be incorporated by all businesses. This will provide...
3 min read

As a digital product manager, how can you research your market effectively?

Market research is one of the most crucial roles of a digital product manager. Research into the demands of your customers is very important...
4 min read

Primary data vs. secondary data

The sources of data that we use to make key decisions are more important than ever.  Not only can you simply plug your search...
3 min read

How to conduct an effective voice of market study?

Strategic business decisions are made on more than just quantitative data. To obtain deeper insights and gain an edge on the competition, many companies...
5 min read

How to better understand your market and improve your business using market research?

You don’t know what you don’t know. One of the reasons a business seeks out market research is to help stakeholders identify those unknowns...
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Growing application of artificial intelligence in end-use sectors

Artificial Intelligence and its application are endless. Along with technologies such as machine learning and deep neural network, artificial intelligence can be applicable in...
5 min read

Key facts about the market research industry

The market research industry has grown over the last five years, but global economic conditions could challenge corporate profit margins and impact research expenditures...
2 min read

The intersection of market research and branding strategy

Businesses often make mistakes when they assume that market research can only be applied to derive data-based insights — that its core existence is...
3 min read

Integration of customer journey mapping and market research

Integration of customer journey mapping and market research helps brands understand their users, make data-driven decisions and improve customer experience.
4 min read

Improving customer feedback through survey panels

Using survey panel providers to get access to authentic and valuable customer feedback is much more effective. How? Read to know more!
4 min read

Market segmentation in market research

Market segmentation in market research helps businesses to understand the audience, growth potential and identify new growth opportunities.
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