21 Stories by Sonali

Market segmentation in market research

Market segmentation in market research helps businesses to understand the audience, growth potential and identify new growth opportunities.
5 min read

Protection of the Research Participants Data

From a time when considering data privacy was an optional thought, to passing highly sensitive laws toward the protection of data — a lot...
4 min read

Tips to improve your surveys with panel providers

When working with panel providers, there are certain things that you must not miss. Continue to read tips for effective survey results.
3 min read

Data privacy and security: Tips to consider as a researcher

PII is no longer considered an afterthought but a crucial aspect. Here are some tips for data privacy and security to consider.
2 min read

How to create the best user research plan?

Creating a user research plan is basically creating a research project in miniature — it demands a lot of attention, clarity, and smart work.
3 min read

B2B market research: Processes and tips for effective market research

The post-pandemic world has changed how B2B market research used to work. Here are some of the important processes and tips you can focus...
4 min read

9 ways to find new market opportunities for your business

With the market becoming more volatile, cruel, and ever-changing, conventional set of rules would not produce results and help you survive anymore. Here are...
3 min read

Gig economy: How is it changing the workforce?

Gig economy provides a long-term career path — and is influencing an archetypical shift with the potential to revamp the future of work.
3 min read

Research panel providers: A quick overview

Research panel providers are the medium between businesses looking for insights and audiences willing to share their knowledge & opinion.
4 min read

Six expensive mistakes to avoid in market research

In market research, a lot can go wrong. Here are a few surefire ways to avoid making the most common mistakes in market research.
3 min read