Future Of Work

Gig economy: How is it changing the workforce?

Gig economy: How is it changing the workforce?

Gig economy provides a long-term career path — and is influencing an archetypical shift with the potential to revamp the future...
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The Future Of Work Explained

What is the future of work? There’s been an animated debate about the effect of technology and economic and social trends...
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Expert network

Understanding Expert Networks

CleverX has over 3000 experts on the platform today(June 2021). We’re adding 100s of new vetted subject-matter experts onto the network...
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Reverse mentorship

Reverse Mentorship: Breathing Life into Corporate Hierarchy

It’s not every day we promote unlearning over learning. And yet, we have to do it every day. Seats at the...
Kenneth Oswin Lean
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Transcriptions: Mind Versus Machine

Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert once said that every psychologist must, at some point in their career, write a version of “The...
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Virtual event

Bringing Real-World Magic to Virtual Events

With every passing day, more and more events, business-related or otherwise, are canceled or postponed or gone virtual. In this changing...
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