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Primary data in market research

Primary data in market research is the first-hand data that is closely related to the issue that needs to be addressed.
4 min read

A definitive guide to market research applications

What are the major market research applications that researchers/ marketers take into consideration? Take a look!
3 min read

What is research design?

A research design creates a minimal bias in data and ensures that there is both trust and accuracy in the collected data.
2 min read

The basics of market research

Market research is the need to understand the viability, demand, and feasibility of what any business offers!
2 min read

With Snapchat’s recent revelations, how the marketing & advertising industry is being impacted?

The marketing and advertising industry is too big to vanish, plus too important for any venture to ignore.
2 min read

How to find and eliminate fraud response rates in B2B online surveys?

On average, your survey’s results can be affected by 17% of false data. Here's how to find and eliminate fraud response in online surveys.
4 min read

How are fraudulent online panel studies impacting your data?

Online panel studies are much helpful to research firms — until they are bogus. Here's how fraudulent online panel studies impact your data!
2 min read